Wednesday , October 27 2021

Gospel according to idol Yanga


"I hope the area and focus on main focus, it's about the music," she says they put their winnings in hands and there is no plan on driving the # 39; e R1M.

The youngest race in season 14 says she was inspired by Loyiso Gijana, a # was a match in 2015. He was also 16 at the time. "I was expected to wait for the days when I was 16 times so I could get in touch."

While studying the class of # 11 tried to keep up with their schoolwork by distant lamps, through the compulsory repetition role, she could end her end & # 39; Do not keep up with her study. But they say that everything is not lost when they make progressive tests to come in the next year for 12 degrees.

"My school, Rhodoshoer, was very supportive in this trip, and I have to focus the following year because I enjoy learning about community law and beyond my music students outside matric," she says.

"I want to make motivational spellings, I want to set my own music academy, so I can get back to youths who are talented .. I have to get into the Juilliard Music School that is the best music school ! " The iconic institute is in New York.

Envying about many things, following in the Gospel of Gospel, is far from its main goal.

"I started to fish music many years ago, so the material for the album is no problem, I also song [as a] Back-up I knew I could travel these idols. I choose to do gospel pads because it is the perfect platform to reach the youth. It should no longer be. "

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