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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher,


Lewis Hamilton F1 World Champion and Michael Schumacher

LEW BEAUTY: Hamilton now has five F1 world titles. (Picture: GETTY)

Hamilton made history when he called for his fifth world title at the Mexican Grand Prix and continued to trial for F1 record books.

Schumacher's record is now just two world championships and 20 matches win.

British Touring Car legend Tim Harvey said in an interview with Daily Star Online that Hamilton expects Schumacher to "absolutely" win Schumacher's record.

He welcomed Lewis as the "most complete" driver in Formula One, and said the team manager would bring his car as far as possible.

Schuey withdrew from the sport in 2012, and after a year of terrible skiing, he has not recovered yet.

"He was a relatively shy young man and explained how he managed to get away from his shell and control his life.

Tim Harvey

"I can surpass Schumacher, of course," said Harvey, 16th Touring Car winner.

"Lewis has the advantage of being the No. 1 team with Ferrari at Mercedes.

"And saying that they are not as important as statistics, I think they are doing something really important.

"He wants to leave sport as the most successful driver."

Lewis Hamilton

CHAMPIONSHIP: Lewis Hamilton is Michael Schumacher (Picture: GETTY)

Hamilton has already won one of Schumacher's seemingly unbeatable F1 records.

At the age of 33, he has the largest number of pole positions in history at 81, surpassing Schuey's previous top 68.

Schumacher still has 91 wins and 7 losses, while Hamilton has 71 wins and 5 losses.

The reigning champion is tied for second in the All Time title list with "The Master" Juan Manuel Fangio who won his title in his 50s.

Lewis Hamilton

BRAZILIAN GP: Lewis Hamilton is the second best driver in Interlagos (Picture: GETTY)

Michael Schumacher

Legend: According to his statistics, Michael Schumacher is the largest F1 driver ever. (Picture: GETTY)

Harvey is a director of the British Racing Drivers & # 39; Club's SuperStars program, so he is familiar with rising motor sports talent in the UK.

Lewis is a much different driver than his 22-year-old when he debuted in 2007 with McLaren.

He said the 5th winner was "much more mature" and "took control of his life."

Hamilton earned his first title at the age of 23 in McLaren in 2008, and he nearly finished the winning streak in 2014 and 2015, and in 2017 and 2018, claiming a crown.

Lewis Hamilton

MERCEDES: Lewis Hamilton won four of the five titles in the Silver Arrow team. (Picture: GETTY)

Harvey said, "When he came in he was clearly talented and talented – [McLaren boss] Ron Dennis and his father Anthony.

"He was a relatively shy young man, and he talked about how he got out of his shell and took control of his life.

"Running his own business is part of the job, and he has actually made him a better driver.

"You have to grow up, and now, by virtually everyone's standards, he is the most complete driver in Formula One."

Lewis Hamilton vs. Michael Schumacher

High October: Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher entered orbit when Shoe was driving to Merc. (Picture: GETTY)

Schumacher and Hamilton shared the circuit for three seasons. It was when the Germans retired to establish a new Mercedes team from 2010 to 2012.

Lewis replaced Schuey at Silver Arrows when the legend returned when he retired after retirement.

Hamilton is 10 years younger than Schumacher. When he retires – because he calls at 43 – Brit has plenty of time to follow the German record.

Hamilton is currently at 227, while Michael has started 308 races.

Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher

The greatest: Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher at a press conference (Picture: GETTY)

Harvey added: "Ask the team manager who's going into the car next year, and I guarantee that this will tell everyone if Lewis is a personal vote."

Hamilton can reorganize Schumacher's record by 2020 if he enjoys two more dominant seasons with Mercedes.

Changes to regulation in 2021 can slow Hamilton's rise.

And Harvey said it would not be easy because of the resurgence of Red Bull and Ferrari.

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