Sunday , January 17 2021

Earth dust storm on Mars is over NASA, Rover

NASA tells me that once the global dust storm on Mars is over, astronauts have been on the rover for more than five months with long-term opportunities.

The update was announced by NASA during the week from October 30 to November 7, and NASA says the atmospheric opacity has fallen to 0.8 without a dust storm. After the last hearing on the Opportunity rover on June 10, the space agency sent over 250 restoration orders without a return transfer.

"Opportunities are likely to have experienced low power errors, mission clock errors, and maximum loss timer errors." NASA reports the latest updates. "This team uses the Deep Space Network Radio Science Receiver to listen to rovers over a wide range of times, frequencies and polarizations.

"They put out a sweep and a beep through the DSN every day as right and left circular polarizations to resolve the complexity that could arise due to my specific conditions in the mission clock flaw."

NASA previously said it was "a two-stage plan that provides the highest probability of successfully communicating with Rover and bringing it back online."

In a more cheerful way, the Space Agency is playing a wakeup-themed song everyday with the intention of awakening opportunities. Fans of the Mars Opportunity rover can also visit NASA's website to send out a lunatic postcard.

The Opportunity rover lasted almost 15 years, even though it was designed for a 90-day mission in 2003. The rover is actually designed to travel about 1,000 yards, recording more than 28 miles.

"At any stage, even if you hear the Opportunity team, there is no guarantee that Rover will work," NASA reported earlier.

"The impact of this latest storm on the opportunity system is unknown, but it can be difficult for Rover to come back online because it leads to reduced energy production, degraded battery performance, or unexpected damage."

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