Wednesday , October 27 2021

Could A New Superman Game Be Announced At The Game Awards?


Rumors have been circulating that a new superman game is being developed, with many touting Batman Arkham Rocksteady developer as the lucky studio working on the project. Now, a new revelation added fuel to this rumored fire.


A recent listing for a new game based on the blue and red-clad superhero titled Superman: World's Finest has been spotted on Game System Requirments. The website posts system requirements for upcoming games and, while this is just a rumor and has not been confirmed, it is important to note that not everyone can post random information on the site. Moreover, the site also listed the Devil May Cry 5 Specs a month before the game was officially announced, which adds some credibility to the latest listing for the new Superman game.

With Jeff Keighley promising that at least 10 new games will be announced during the upcoming Game Awards, many have speculated that this could be the ideal opportunity for the new Superman game to be revealed.

The rumored title also seems to suggest that players may be able to play as members of the Justice League and not just Supes, as it was eluded to previous rumors. The title "World's Finest" has also been used in comics when Superman has teamed up with Batman. Could this be the Superman / Arkham crossover many have hoped we'll get to see?

Previous games starring the Man of Steel have ranged from being boring to just plain terrible. Hopefully, this new game, if the rumours prove true, will be the game that finally gives The Last Son of Krypton the chance to shine.

We've already touched on what we want to see in a new game starring Superman in a recent article. What would you like to see?

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