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Check Liverpool's character by Nicolas Pepe?

Liverpool can simply check Nicolas Pepe's character for each player's move.

Of course we can't say it, but it seems to be adding.

The Times recently reported that Liverpool's & # 39; has rated to participate with her representatives. Lille's head coach Gerard Lopez recently admitted that Liverpool had talked to the player.

Nicolas Pepe

Photo by Johnny Fidelin / Icon Sport via Getty Images

Both reports made one thing clear, though: The Reds don't talk to Lille about a transfer for the £ 70m-rated player.

So why is the focus on & # 39; a player and not the club? Well, Liverpool can have doubts, for one thing.

But it could be more than that. We know, by reports in Echo and Jurgen Klopp, how much Liverpool appreciate the character of a player.

Nicolas Pepe.


Why Pepe's character is important

And every move for Pepe would need absolute confidence about his personality and character. He is a very talented young player who expects a great move, but Liverpool can currently offer no more than a supportive role.

Does he have the personality to treat that? Can he move to a big club where he is expected to fight for a start after some of the best attackers in world football?

If he cannot, the movement is completely sinless. You cannot spend £ 70 million on a player who is not at & # 39; high for an intensive fight.

It is reported that Nicolas Pepe is wanted by Jurgen Klopp.

Nicolas Pepe from Lille receives the trophy for the Ligue 1 match between Lille and Angers on May 18, 2019 in Lille, France. (Photo by Johnny Fidelin / Icon Sport via Getty Images)

It would be another thing if he was offered the security and insurance of a starting place – or even a leading role – but Liverpool would not want him there. They need a player who can handle it as a second choice, happy to force themselves into the spotlight.

When all goes together, it seems that Liverpool judges the character and personality before they make Pepe.

It's not about him being an exciting signing or even a great player – it's all about being the good player for Liverpool right now.

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