Friday , October 22 2021

As expected, Windows 10 1809 Re-Release is still running much longer


AdDuplex reports that Microsoft's re-launching Windows-October 10, 2018 update is much faster than previous feature updates. No surprise: This update is a frustration for the software year.

"The update of Windows 10 October 2018 in mid-November has been re-published, but according to our data seems to be a prudent release," AdDuplex mentions. "October 2018 Update share is still under 3 percent three weeks after an official re-release."

This corresponds to the anecdotal data we have collected from readers and listeners, almost all reported that they have the re-release of & nbsp; & nbsp; & quot; update of & quot; do not receive the October 2018, the Windows 10 upgrade to 1809 version. And this is true about the management: Even Microsoft's latest Surface PCs do not seem as soon as this update receives.

In other news, AdDuplex begins to look at Surface Go Life, which was received in the last summer after a slow start. Microsoft's price-streaming strategy of Microsoft has to be an effect.

"Surface Go was up to a slow start in the beginning months after release, but it seems that some steam descended and is [now] the 5th most popular Surface model this month with 7.25 percent share, "reports the report, which covers Surface Go Utility for Surface Book, Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop, Surface Book 2, Surface Laptop 2, and several other older models.

But Surface Pro 6 is only one month in market, and it's up to a great start. That makes sense, the Surface Pro models, generally, consistent of Microsoft's best sellers.

"Surface Pro 6 looks good to go out," AdDuplex reports. "It's already about 5 percent [usage] brand. "

If you look at all the revisions, Surface Pro now uses 72% of all Surface PCs in use. Add-in Surface 3 and Surface Go, which are smaller versions of the same shape factor, and that figure jumps to more than 87 percent of all surface PCs.

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