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A brave boyfriend drops his girlfriend from the speeding car and loses his leg.


Ed Bowen from Bristol, England, suffered a loss of legs.
There is another serious injury after being laid between the car and the wall
His girlfriend, Nicola Boraston, pushed away from an uncontrolled vehicle.

According to GoFundMe
Pages set up by 33-year-old friends on November 9, Ed and Nicola
Were walking home, the car went through the pavement and beat him on the wall,
Breaking the pelvis.

Ed was pronounced clinically dead in the ambulance, but later
Revived by a paramedic. His legs were severed after 11 hours of operation.
We spent two weeks at the Southmead Hospital for intensive care. Bristol
I'm living

"I remember the car hitting me, but I really do not remember.
There is too much after that, "he said.

He is faced with a long journey to recovery and will have to spend.
I could not work in the hospital for months.

The online funding page titled "Bionic Ed"
It relieves the financial burden by recovering to £ 7 850 (over $ 14.9 million).
It is already growing.

"We know where it will happen in the finances.
Any donation that you can make big and small will mean so much. "

"Eliminating what is added can make a difference in the world.
When they emphasize [Ed and Nicola] Leave the hospital. "Continued.

Ed thanked him for his overwhelming support.
Received, mirror

"I really received a lot of messages from those who touched me.
I would like to thank all those who contributed or contacted me.
Well, "he added.

Source: Mirror,
I'm living

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