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5 things you may not know about the oppressive star of SA, Mlindo de Vocalist


After recounting a superstar in some of the misconceptions, Mlindo has the vocalist, real name Lindokuhle Magedezi, South African illumination, career and heart with its distinctive brand of singer and lyricism.

His successful success followed the release of the 2018 hit single AmaBlesser In collaboration with producer DJ Maphorisa, however, was an unexpected culmination of events. He shared that in a conversation with creator and journalist Kat Sekhotho in an episode of her podcast on Soundcloud: their podcasts: outside the bulletin.

Some will know that the singer who dies from Egcekeni, KwaZulu Natal, began his career by recording popular songs and accompanied by a video clip that soon became the social media. Here are five things that we've learned from a musician who has his place in South Africa & # 39; s musical skills:

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He comes from a musical family

Family's family is musical, especially the healing side, where he says, everyone can sing. He stated that this was the root of their skepticism when he came to support him in pursuing a musical career and leading him to focus on focusing on his education.

He sang in the classroom, but disappeared

In & # 39; The right is a rebel, the musician sings that he sings out of the heart, so he stimulates his voice as it will. That was the reason he was gone from his school room, followed by no instructions.

He does not write his songs, he freestyled

Mylindo's talents when it comes to texts, of course, cut. He stated that he did not write lyrics for his songs, instead of buying freestyle.

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He has put his visits on the international stage

Following the great success of colleagues at home base, Mlindo hopes for a day with collaboration with international artists.

He draws his inspiration from the sounds of Isicathamiya and Simphiwe Dana's songwriting

While his sound surprising and distinguished, Mlindo says he is inspired by the genus of Isicathamiya and earn sung of Simphiwe Dana's poetic songwriting skills.

Listen to the podcast in full:

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